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Physician Incentive Program

A hallmark of Project HANDS has always been the ability to adapt to changing needs and circumstances.
The uncertainty brought on by COVID-19 required us to temporarily pause our established outreach programs that require team travel, and explore a new way to fulfill our objective of facilitating healthcare in remote, under-served communities.
The Physician Incentive Program offers a financial incentive for Myanmar physicians to work in remote areas and attend to our target demographic.
A rural physician in Myanmar earns a monthly salary of US$150. This program supplements that income to help cover a physician’s cost of living, and to purchase vital medical equipment and supplies.
“I really thank Project HANDS. Recently I have two major projects. The first is to modify the outdated main building and beautify the hospital. The second is to gain trust from the people in the village. I think that I am succeeding. This is the impact of Project HANDS.”


Physician Incentive Program participant

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